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iMandarin offers a comprehensive and flexile selection of Mandarin languages programs in china. Over 15 types of Chinese courses at 8 different levels accommodate the diverse goats of our students.
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měi nián shí yuè bā rì huò jiǔ rì shì tài yáng dào dá huáng jīng yī bǎi jiǔ shí wǔ dù shí wéi hán lù 。《yuè lìng qī shí èr hòu jí jiě 》shuō :“jiǔ yuè jiē ,lù qì hán lěng ,jiāng níng jié yě 。”hán lù de yì sī shì qì wēn bǐ bái lù shí gèng dī ,dì miàn de lù shuǐ gèng lěng ,kuài yào níng jié chéng shuāng le 。hán lù shí jiē ,nán lǐng jí yǐ běi de guǎng dà dì qū jun1 yǐ jìn rù qiū jì ,dōng běi hé xī běi dì qū yǐ jìn rù huò jí jiāng jìn rù dōng jì 。shǒu dōu běi jīng dà bù fèn nián fèn zhè shí yǐ kě jiàn chū shuāng ,chú quán nián fēi xuě de qīng cáng gāo yuán wài ,dōng běi hé xīn jiāng běi bù dì qū yī bān yǐ kāi shǐ jiàng xuě 。
The date of Oct 8th or 9th in each year is the day what calls ‘Hanlu’ when the sun is exactly at the celestial longitude of 180°. According to ‘make seventy-two month waiting Variorum’ said that ‘September Festival, dew cold air and also be in condensation.’ The meaning of Hanlu is when the temperature is lower than the dew, the dew on the ground is getting colder and it is condensing to frost. When dew season is coming, north of the Nanling region have entered the autumn, and the northeast and northwest region have entered or about to entered into winter. Except the Tibetan Plateau in the snow throughout the year, the capital city, Beijing has seen the first frost at this time , and generally northeast and north Xinjiang has begun to snow.
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Students Comments

iMandarin=Professional&efficiency, I will recommend it for sure! I enjoyed both private and group classes. Group classes are really good&motivating(lot of exchanges, good stricture). Provate classes give you time to practice for your own and ensure your progress.
Anyway, to become"fluent-mandarin", the way is long, but with the support of iMandarin, for sure you are on the good way! 谢谢 A LOT!
Paivi Pihkala
I've had a lot of fun studying Chinese here at iMandarin. The staff is always friendly and I have heard a lot.
Sherry, you're the best! Wish I would not be so quick to forget the words, though...
Very welcoming staff, practical way of teaching chinese.
A good mix of chinese culture and language teaching.
I'm happy with everything here!
Christian Kaisser
Project Manager
ETAS Automotive Technology
I am in qingdao for nearly five month now and I started my lessons around three month ago. I am also to reach my targets by telling the way to the taxi driver and I can order some food of the restaurant. Not bad for me …
I can really recommend iMandarin Xie xie!
I came to qingdao half a year ago. Without knowing any Chinese. After half a year lessons I am ask to talk to the taxi driver, the ayi and the waitress in the restaurant. learning Chinese really helped me to feel home in China.
I can really recommend 爱Mandarin. Their teachers are great-especially my teacher Chen xin.She teaches really very useful words and we always have a lot of fun.
Good job!

Robert Vicencio
After travelling all over the world, iMandarin is without a doubt, THE BEST school for Mandarin learning I have come across and within a short time, my Mandarin has excelled faster than I could have ever imagined to study abroad. With extra friendly staff, a professional environment and a warmth and understanding for the customer, I recommend iMandarin to anyone looking for the highest of quality at an affordable price to learn Mandarin in qingdao. Xie Xie iMandarin!

Katie Jordans
Teacher from UK
Two weeks ago I attended the Chinese Corner offered by the school on Saturday morning to study language in qingdao and I have to say - it was GREAT! I had more opportunity to just chat and practice my ( admittedly limited! ) Chinese than I have had in a whole year here in qingdao. It was a chance to actually USE all that passive vocabulary , hear native speakers speaking perfect Mandarin , do some role plays and just generally build up my confidence. In my experience of trying to learn Mandarin Chinese, there is never enough emphasis put on SPEAKING - but now you have it! It's free and it's fun and, believe me, it really helps.
Riadi Sugihtani
Marketing Controller, Oral Category, Unilever China
Following our relocation to qingdao , we decided to study Mandarin , and chose iMandarin for Mandarin learning in qingdao. Turn out that we made the right choice . Not only we could tell the progress - Julina could now communicate quite well with the Ayi as well as bargaining in Xiang Yang Market in Mandarin , and I could manage simple business conversation - we found that the flexible arrangement of Mandarin learning classes help a lot to cope with business trip or personal errands. Wise to choose iMandarin to learn Mandarin Chinese in qingdao.

Marcel Senn
Chief Representative, Zurich Insurance qingdao Representative Office
Studying Chinese beside a busy working schedule is not easy! Convenient location , good facilities , professional teachers with a clear focus are necessary and important to keep the motivation for Chinese language learning in qingdao. I found all these elements with iMandarin and I am happy to study Mandarin in qingdao with them.
Norbert Riezler
Purchasing Director, China Sourcing Office, Ford Motor Company, qingdao
iMandarin has excellent teachers, and I have made substantial progress in speaking Chinese. Within only a couple of months for Chinese studying in qingdao, I was able to grasp the basics of the language, and I am progressing towards communicating in Chinese language. Great job.

Scott R.Minoie
Managing Director, the Element Group, Inc. Managing Director, the Element Group, Inc.
As someone who owns their own business in China , I have an extreme need to increase my communication skills with staff and customers . Choosing to study abroad in China at iMandarin has dramatically helped not only my level of Chinese speaking , but has also increased my effectiveness as a company leader. iMandarin's teachers create an atmosphere wherein everyone feels comfortable to learn and grow at their own pace, sometimes very important in a city as diverse as qingdao . I highly recommend iMandarin to Chinese language study students of any level.

Astrid Janssen
I would like to thank you for your friendly, patient and helpful ways in teaching Mandarin. You not only gave me information included in the book but also explained things that are essential to understand Chinese culture during Chinese learning in China. For future I would like to give you 1 tip: Try to prepare simple examples for different grammar subjects in advance. This makes subjects easier to understand and class goes smoother to study language. Thanks again and keep up the good work !!!
Concerning the teacher during my Chinese language study in qingdao, I'm glad to tell you that all students like her, they think mainly that she is professional, dynamic and kind.Personally, as I have Chinese studying class with her for language learning, I think that she is a really good teacher, she seems to love her job and it's really motivating.
Diane Chan
I am so glad that I started private lessons at iMandarin shortly after my arrival in qingdao, because learning to communicate in mandarin helped with my adjustment to living here. I enjoyed participating in iMandarin's activities outside of class, such as going to FengJing watertown. It has been a very good experience and I learned so much from my teacher,Jessica. IMandarin's wonderful staff has also been very helpful expecially. Linda,Vanilla and Elain,Thank you!

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